Mission Statement,

I was confronted in the last years with the western culture and with the western system. It is a system that is spreading everywhere novadays, a system that is loosing more and more its human face and the real values and traditions.
The ‘Established Art’ - I call it post-modern bullshit, shows us a sort of deppresive image, a sad, cold and colorless intelectual speech.
The ‘New type of artist’ just like the ‘New type of human’, is a sad character without morals, most of the time without a spiritual path, interested only in easy life, easy success, ready to kiss asses all around him in order to succeed. This New type of artist has very less to do with art, he is more a sort of a businessman, a sort of carieristic maniac.
As a response to this, I choose to stay authentic, I choose to encapture real energy, I choose to show real art, I choose to return back to humanity by painting evergreen subjects: love, hate, death, life, and I choose to paint this themes in my own way. I choose not to be ‘intelectual‘, I choose to be cultured, and to get in contact with different cultures, I choose to be what I am and not only a ‘wannabe’.
My painting is a mix of folk art- inspired by gypsy culture, jewish culture, romanian culture, Slavic culture, and pure expressionism.This is reunited under the title of 'Balkan Expressionism'. Because i am coming from Balkan ground, because Balkan is encapturing such a variety of cultures, because Balkan is a sort of modern Jerusalem.
It is a mind blowing mix, and you will probably either love it or hate it.
But the most important thing, is that my art is colorfull, happy, ironic, it can make you laugh, without loosing its seriousness.
And no, I don’t really have to ‘make it big‘, I am not interested in having a ‘career’, at least not in the way that people are doing career today.I am not interested in earning prizes or scholarships or recognition from stupid snobs and wannabees.
So probably you will never see me or my works in an ‘established center of art’. I prefer to stay underground and authentic.
I prefer to paint for humans, for real humans, instead of painting for art curators and gallerists.
So if you are bored with the meaningless ‘conceptual’ abstract post modern bullshit art, just follow me!
Be happy and party more,

Paul Hitter

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